Gran Bouquet, Caffe Nero & Peperocino
GRAN BOUQUET is a range of chocolate which combines prestigious selections of cocoa with top quality aromas and flavors of distant land.

CAFFE NERO: Pure extra dark chocolate and aromatic coffee.  Item #SC46  100grams

PEPERONCINO: The right quantity of chili enriched with sugar cane crystals bring out the perfect fragrance.  Item #SC51   100grams

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Chocolate spoons by slitti
CHOCOLATE SPOONS: One of Andrea Slitti's original creations. A pure, solid chocolate hand made spoon. Approximately 8.33gram each spoon

Dark 56% solid chocolate, dusted with pure cocoa powder:
Item #SC10    6 spoons in a gift box.
Item #SC11    60 spoons in bulk

Slitti's wonderful hand-made praline selection to satisfy the most demanding palates. These are offered in a single style, in approximately 1kilo per box (weights vary). Please order by Style.
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Andrea Slitti, was awarded the "2008 Best Italian Chocolate-Maker" by Compania del "Cioccolato" in Turin. This Exceptional talented chocolatier, known as "Mr. Chocolate", creates wild and wonderful sensations using the finest cocoa available. His creation of "Lattenero" (black milk), which encompasses all of the aromatic and taste components of cocoa.
Nocciolata by Slitti
Avola Almonds
AVOLA ALMONDS: Fine Avola almonds of the "Pizzuto" type. The almonds are roasted, coated with a thin milk-chocolate layer and coated with icing sugar.

Item #SC67 150gr
Tartufi al cognac by slitti
NOCCIOLATA: A soft cream made of fine cocoa (at least 56%) and Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP (30% hazelnut minimum) with morsels of roasted and granulated hazelnuts.
NASFT award winner.

Item #SC22    300grams

Item #SC22K    5kilo
Gianera by Slitti
GIANERA: A creamy spread made with plain dark chocolate, created to enhance the best selection of blended cocoa and Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP, from "The Langhe". As it contains cocoa butter, it stands out for its valuable quality.
Item #SC64    300grams
Riccosa by Slitti
RICCOSA: Made with the finest milk chocolate, created to enhance the best selection of blended aromatic cocoa and Langhe Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP.

Item #SC65    300grams
TARTUFI AL COGNAC: Handmade truffles with a soft cognac filling, dusted with pure cocoa powder.

Item #SC29  200gr
North American berry coated with the finest milk chocolate, the powdered with bitter cocoa.

Item #SC42  130gr
Praline Artiginal
praline artiginal
assorted dragees gift box
COFFEE BAR PRALINES: A beautiful gift box with twelve hand-made coffee pralines in six different flavors: (Irish Coffe, Cappuccino, Espresso, Coconut Coffee, Turkish and Sambuca Coffee).

Item #SC27   120 gr.
RUSTY TOOLS: Wrench, pliers, nuts and bolts tools made of the finest chocolate, dusted with pure cocoa "rust"
Item #SC12     140grams
Coffee bar pralines
pralines by slitti in a box
PRALINES by Andrea Slitti are made with the finest cocoa, nuts, fruits and fillings.
Assorted pralines come in a handsome gift boxes.

Item #SC24  90gr.                  Item #SC19  160gr
                       Item #SC20  250gr.               
Couverture medallions
PANETTO:  Blocks of Gianduja. Made with the finest cocoa and Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP.

Item # SC80 Dark gianduja with hazelnuts Morsels  600gr

Item # SC81 Two layer Gianduja Cremino 600gr

Item # SC82 White Gianduja with hazelnuts Morsels 600gr
COURVERTURE: 10 grams medallions of the finest cocoa to meet every culinary need.
These are sold in 2kilo bags.

Item #SC02    60% Gran Cacao
Item #SC01   73% Gran Cacao
Item #SC04    82% Gran Cacao
Item #SC03    100% Gran Cacao
Item #SC07    45% Lattenero
Item #SC06    51% Lattenero
Item #SC08    62% Lattenero
Chocolate Disks
DISKS: A full flavor of fine chocolates, hazelnuts, almonds and fruit.

Dark chocolate with Piedmont hazelnuts IGP: Item # SC43  200grams        Item #SC43S     80grams
     Dark chocolate with almonds from Puglia: Item #SC16    200grams         Item #SC16S     80grams
         Dark chocolate with plump juicy raisins:  Item #SC44    200grams         Item # SC44S    80 grams

  Milk chocolate with Piedmont hazelnuts IGP: Item #SC15  200grams  Item #SC15S     80grams
               Milk chocolate with crispy puffed rice: Item #SC34 150grams   Item #SC34S     80grams
          White chocolate with crispy puffed rice: Item #SC37 150grams     Item #Sc37S      80grams

White Chocolate with Piedmont hazelnuts IGP from Langhe: Item #SC25 200grams Item #SC25S  80grams
Gran Caco Bars
GRAN CACAO BARS: A blend of fine cocoa originating from Central America.

Item #SC39  60% cocoa  100grams     Item #SC14  73% cocoa  100grams
Item #SC18  82% cocoa

Item #SC54  90% cocoa  100grams     Item #SC40  100% cocoa
Gran Cacao 70% Ecuadorian

Item #SC41 70% Ecuadorian cocoa with cocoa nibs

Lattenero Bars
MILK CHOCOLATE BARS: extra fine (minimum 35% cocoa) flavored with vanilla.
Item #SC13    100grams

WHITE CHOCOLATE BARS: very creamy and velvety white chocolate made with cocoa butter.
Item #SC32    100grams
LATTENERO BARS: An Andrea Slitti exclusive is a top quality milk chocolate. Lattenero is unique, as characterized by the perfect balance between cocoa, milk and sugar.

Item #SC31    45% cocoa    100grams
Item #SC45    51% cocoa    100 grams
Item #SC33    62% cocoa    100grams
Item #SC38    70% cocoa    100grams
White & Milk chocolate bars
Girotto: a pure chocolate stick
Daniele Slitti has inherited from his father a coffee culture passion. He has a natural ability of recognizing and selecting the finest beans all over the world and blending them to perfection so that everyone can experience a truly  magnificent coffee in fine cafes.
GIROTTO: Pure chocolate "stick" 37 grams, made with the finest cocoa.
Item # SC68  Milk Chocolate Item #SC69 Dark chocolate
Arabica Coffee

CAFFE SLITTI ARABICA COFFEE: 100% Arabica coffee ground for home machines. Blends originating in Brazil, Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Its high quality, rich sweet and fruity taste, helps to keep its low caffeine content.

Item #SC23   250grams

MISCELA di CACAO: This fine cocoa is perfect for a quick cup of hot chocolate. Mix 4 teaspoons of cocoa add milk and let boil.

Item #SC26    250grams
Miscela di Cacao
Arabica Bale
ARABICA "BALE" Arabica beans mixed with a perfect blend of coffees from Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, India, Salvador and Nicaragua in a gift bale.

Item #SC47   250grams

ARABICA "SEALING WAX BOX" Arabica beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, India, Salvador and Nicaragua. Presented in a gift box sealed with a wax insingnia.

Item #SC49  1kilo    Item #SC48 250gr
Arabica Sealling box
ASSORTED DRAGEES GIFT BOX: A delectable assortment : Dark Chocolate covered raisins, cranberry, d'Avola almonds, hazelnuts and almonds.
Item #SC87     300grams
ASSORTED DRAGEES GIFT BOX: A selection of d'Avola almonds, Araica coffee beans, chocolate covered raisins and Piedmont hazelnuts and almonds.
Item #SC86
Assorted Selection of dragees